Français – Anglais

Since I plan to integrate French into my blog, here’s a small glossary for the non-french-speaking readers.


à: to

Anglais: English

anniversaire: birthday

beaucoup: a lot

bientôt: soon

bienvenue: welcome

bon: good (masculine)

carnaval: carnival

chambre: room

différents: different

dix: ten

et: and

être: to be

encore: still

Etats-Unis: United States

feuilles: leaves

Français: French

il: he, it

je: I

jour: day

lentement: slowly

matin: morning

observation: observation

papier: paper

parfum: perfume

partir: to leave

plage: beach

pleuvoir: to rain

quelques: some

repas: meals

vieux: old (masculine)


a tout a l’heure: see you later

au revoir: goodbye

et puis: and next

s’il vous plait: please

un excursion à pied: a hike


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