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22 April 2009 at 5:01 pm 2 comments

Did you miss me?

Forgive me, dear readers. It has been too long since my last blog, but I have finally found a free moment to let you all know what is new in my life here on the Cote d’Azur. Since it’s been so long – prepare yourself for somewhat of a … random update.

First of all… I’m exhausted. I thought that traveling for 10 days was exhausting (and really, it was…but in such a great way…) but now, it’s more of the, I’m-in-high-school-again type of exhaustion: class early every morning, most afternoons, and theater rehearsal EVERY night for two to three hours…then attempting to have a social life but always battling my body which seems to tell me every night: “Go to sleep! Now!” yet even when I try to, I am kept up by my hundreds of lines scrolling across the backs of my eyelids…

Oh, and another good kind of exhaustion: having guests. LOVE IT, but boy, do they keep me on my toes! First there was Nat, then Baird, Charly, and Lisa (we celebrated Lisa’s 21st here in Cannes a few weeks ago!), and now Heather and Bill are here! (And if any of my guests are reading… you’re awesome and I loved hanging out with you here!)

Back track, back track. Three hours of rehearsal? What? Sarah doesn’t even do theater! WRONG! I am now starring in a french play. HA! And my character, Manon, has to be angry and yelling every other scene. It’s so funny. Who’s ever seen Sarah yell at anyone!? Anyway, I’m having a really fun time with it, although it’s beaucoup de travail. It’s hard enough to memorize loads of lines, let alone in another language. The play is going to be May 11th and 12th… so we have lots of work to do!

My one relaxing weekend in the past month was probably the weekend after spring break..Easter weekend. I stayed in Cannes, and went to a little Easter service at the chapel on campus. And since the weather was gross, I spent most of my free time in my pajamas, watching movies and tv shoes with my friends in my room. And it was AWESOME. Yes, I love the French Riveria, but being lazy? Never gets old. Due to that weekend, however, I developed a new addiction… 30Rock. My friend Grant has all of the DVDs, and so… well… Tina Fey is brilliant. Just watch it. That’s all I have to say.

Oh! And, that weekend, there was ONE nice day, and it was spent entirely on the beach with my friends. And I got completely sunburned. I know Mom, I should have worn more sunscreen!! I should listen to you more! That sunburn was the most painful thing for about a week. But I’m not asking for pity. It was my fault, completely. On the bright side – I am nice and freckly and tan now! Once I get that base sunburn, it’s smooth sailing from there. 😉

In recent news: I’ve done some light traveling this week. St. Tropez on Saturday with AIFS. The market was super cool, and it was a lovely day to walk around and relax. Sunday was a trip to Nice, for Bill’s semi-marathon… which he did a great job in. I am so happy he decided to sign up for it, cause it was also really fun to watch! And then, today I took the day off from class for the first time, and enjoyed a nice day trip with Heather and Bill. We went to Cagnes-sur-mer, which is pretty close by, and checked out the Renoir museum. Although it didn’t have too many of his works, it was in his house/studio… and was really interesting to see. We also checked out Cagnes en haut (the high medieval village in Cagnes) which was super european, beautiful, and filled with cats. Basically… I loved it. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and then hopped on a bus to St. Paul de Vence for a short portion of our afternoon. St. Paul is an another adorable medieval village, filled with artisans and artists with shops and studios lining its winding cobblestone streets. We didn’t have nearly enough time to explore… so I can’t wait to return in May with AIFS.

Stephane and I are still meeting once a week. I’ve come to think of it as my weekly conversation class. He’s been helpful with my pronunciation for my theater class… and we usually have a nice relaxing afternoon chatting and walking around Cannes. I still can’t quite get over the strangeness of our age gap… but I know it’s a good exercise.

Side note: One of my classmates told a great story in class the other day. She was walking down the street, and she saw a woman with a Louis Vuitton bag. No big deal, right? We’re in the south of France! No… BIG deal: her little DOG was carrying a matching Louis Vuitton bag IN IT’S MOUTH. Yes. I wish I’d seen this. It sounds like the epitome of Cannes. Everyone has little dogs here. I’m actually surprised that not everyone’s pooch is strutting with their own designer bling.

Other side note: I MISS MEXICAN (well, Mexican-American) FOOD. I WANT BURRITOS AND TACOS. If it’s in any possible way to overnight FedEx me some Taco Bell, I might marry you.

If not, Peanut Butter would also be appreciated it. The French don’t do Peanut Butter. I know. What the heck.

What else? I’ve been utilising the mediatheque. I read an adorable french graphic novel called “Adieu, Chunky Rice.” I was so proud. My next endeavor is Stuart Little, in french.

Oh! I swam in the Mediterranean Sea! It was cold.

I also saw the musical Fame at the Palais de Festivals. The Palais was cool. The musical was less cool. Too long. And translated into french. I may or may not have fallen asleep.

Not sure if I’ve updated on this yet… I have a new French teacher! Sylvie. Sylvie has normal hair, unlike my previous prof, Annick, and is way more laid-back and downright wonderful. My mornings are so much more bearable! And it’s much easier for me to participate. My french is actually improving!

I can see this blog post easily turning into a list from here on out.

– Official new favorite dessert: Creme Brulee



– I dislike having the urge to start a coutdown while simultaneously wishing I could freeze time because it passes TOO QUICKLY over here!

– I see boobs on the beach every time I go.

– My bedtime tonight is going to be midnight, I think.

– Right. Goodnight.


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  • 1. Baird  |  23 April 2009 at 4:40 am

    I loved reading this post. Even despite your exhausting schedule, I just love how much you’ve got going on in your life that has you so excited about things. The new professor, the film festival, the medieval village full of cats…it’s wonderful.

    I am SO ENVIOUS that you’re reading that graphic novel. Not only because you’re reading it in French, but because I’ve read other stuff by that author and he’s AMAZING. I’ll have to lend you ‘Blankets’ when we’re back in the States.

    And I’m really glad that you’ve recognized how awesome creme brulee is. We’ll get that too, back in the states, though it probably won’t be as good as it has been in France.

  • 2. Alyssa  |  24 April 2009 at 6:10 pm

    Since you wrote in list form soo will I….

    – I am surprised you crave Taco Bell so much out of anything haha although Mexican is pretty good I craved potatoe skins when I was gone weird I know? lol

    -Peanut Butter can be found in Italy if you want to make one more trip to Florence haha

    -Suprised your in a play haha thats soo cool Sarah you should film it and put it here!

    -Lastly impressed at all th French your speaking way more Italian than I ever did you are going to be like fluent when you come back haha

    -Miss you Ciao Ciao
    Alyssa : )


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