paris, avec mon chéri

12 April 2009 at 10:06 am 1 comment

Baird and I ended our spring break in the beautiful city of lights, and it was wonderful.


We landed at Paris Orly Airport, and an RER and metro ride later, we arrived at our old fashioned hotel in Montmartre. Since the Louvre is free for students on Friday evenings, I rushed Baird back out and we arrived in time to see the masterpieces before the museum closed. From the Louvre, I was able to find my favorite restaurant from my last Paris visit, Le Comptoir des Saints-Peres, where Baird and I then dined. We took a nice long walk to the Eiffel Tower with hopes of climbing it, but discovered that it had closed to the public hours ago, so we simply enjoyed the tower’s ambiance as we waited to meet with two of my friends from AIFS, Mark and Ashley. We spend the rest of the evening with them at a wine/piano bar in the Latin Quarter.

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur

After our exhausting week, we couldn’t help but sleep in. And it was so nice to finally do so without snoring roommates or a binding agenda to wake us up. When we finally awoke, our first stop of the day was to meet my friend Janet (finally, a week later!) at Sacre Coeur with her mom. Only a short metro ride away, the church was even more asounting in the daytime…and I was able to go inside, which, though it couldn’t rival the beauty of Notre Dame’s interior in my eyes, was still quite beautiful. From Montmartre, Janet and her mother and Baird and I made our way towards the Centre Pompidou, which was surprisingly turned out to be one of my favorite museums in Europe. This museum had a collection of modern art that I truly appreciated, unlike the contemporary art we saw in Berlin. I developped a new love for an artist: Chagall. I am so excited to go the Chagall museum in Nice for our art history class! 

Parade at the Arc de Triomphe

Parade at the Arc de Triomphe

In the afternoon, Baird and I took the same walk that I took the last day I was in Paris with AIFS: from Pont Neuf to the Louvre, through the Tuileries Gardens, to the Place de la Concorde, up the Champs Elysees, stopping for a delicious crepe, to the Arc de Triomphe. And this time, there happened to be a parade going on at the Arc! We weren’t sure exactly, but we think it was a veterans parade of some kind, as it ended under the arc at the grave of the unkown soldier.

We took the metro to the Eiffel Tower for our second attempt to climb it — and, since we decided to climb, rather than wait for an hour in the line for the elevator, we were able to do so rather quickly! And climbing it wasn’t so bad! In fact, I found it very excited to be able to see Paris from all different levels on the way up. Once at the top, we walked around and found all of the other sights from a bird’s eye view. We rested for a while on the second floor, drinking some (rather poorly made) cappuccinos, and enjoying the atmosphere. When we finally descended we walked along the Champs de Mars, where I took that lovely Eiffel Tower picture featured at the beginning of this post.

Our dinner that evening was perfect. We were tired and so we headed back to our hotel, and ate at the restuarant called “Rez-de-Chaussee” that was right down the street. We treated ourselves to wine, escargots, delicious courses (Baird had the duck, and I had Provencale macaroni) and dessert (Fondant au chocolate et creme brulee…delicieux!!). I spoke French to our waiter the entire evening, and was happy to have experienced what may have been my first truly authentic French meal so far (how sad is that? I guess that’s what happens when you eat cafeteria food every day…)

At Notre Dame, avec mon cheri

At Notre Dame, avec mon cheri

Sunday came too quickly and before we knew it, we were checking out of our hotel and dragging our bags across Paris. We made a stop at Notre Dame, which bustling on Palm Sunday, and Baird was able to go in and see the beautiful interior while I waited outside in the sun with our bags. From Notre Dame, we walked to Gare de Lyon along the Seine, and I picked up a few more souvenirs from the Bouqinistes.

Our ride on the TGV to Cannes was beautiful. I’ve always found trains to be romantic for some reason, and riding with Baird and watching France go by outside our window fit right into that impression. Though I was sad that my spring break was coming to an end, I was happy to be with mon cheri, Baird, and happy that he was coming back with me to Cannes. He left on Tuesday morning and I had to get back to “real life.”

But real life, here in Cannes, isn’t so bad either. 🙂


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  • 1. Alyssa  |  13 April 2009 at 9:08 am

    aww Sarah, such a cute post. Looks like you’re becoming a real cappuccino enthusiast and I like that! We will def be partaking in a cappuccino or two when you get back to the states! Enjoy everything that the wonderful country of France has to offer you in your remaining time there! : )


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