un voyage à prague

7 April 2009 at 1:23 pm 1 comment


I’ve finally found the time to beging blogging about my wonderful spring break. My life has been a bit of a whirlwind for the past two weeks, but since Baird left Cannes this morning, and my friends Lisa and Charly don’t arrive to visit until tomorrow evening — I finally have a few moments to myself.

So where did I leave off? Ahh, leaving Venice. I endured the rest of the day in the Venice train station and was happy to finally board my overnight train at 9:05. I fell asleep almost immediately, and when I woke up and looked out the window, I was in Austria – which was covered in a blanket of snow. I felt like I was traveling backwards through the seasons: Cannes felt like summer, Venice like spring, winter in Austria… I wondered, would Prague feel like autumn?

My train transfer happened in Vienna, where I had to get from Wein Westbahnhof to Wein Sudbahnhof within an hour. I am happy to say that with the aide of a very kind fellow student who I met on the train, I was able to conquer the U-bahn system and successfully make it! And then, finally, on Monday afternoon, I arrived in Prague, and Baird was there, happily waiting for me at the train station.

For me, Prague happened too quickly. After meeting Baird, we took the metro to our hostel, where Marissa, Charly and Lisa were waiting. I squealed with excitement and ran to them, and then we dropped off our things and headed out to explore while Marissa went to class. (Marissa is studying in Prague.) We stumbled upon Wenceslas Square and the National Museum (which reminded me a lot of the Hotel des Invalides in Paris). From there, we headed towards Prague Castle where we were going to meet Marissa around 7. Some unfortunate confusion and bad luck with the trams ensued, so we didn’t actually meet her until 9, at the end of the Charles’ Bridge. We found a beer hall where I stuffed my face with goulash and Pilsner. I’m not sure I’ve ever built up such a massive appetite. After dinner, exhausted from traveling, we all turned in for an early night.


Astronomical Clock

The following morning, we split up until lunctime. Baird took me to the old town where I saw churches, towers, and the famous astronomical clock. We met up with the girls beneath it, and foudn a place for lunch, but when they tried to rip us off with a tourist menu, we left and enjoyed the Easter festival in the old town square instead. I ate a big sausage and a warm apple drink. MMM!

From there, we headed to Prague Castle, which was a long haul up the hill, but with beautiful results. We wandered the castle grounds, and my two favorite parts were 1) the view and 2) the cathedral (I wish I knew the names of all of these places. I still have some research to do.) I could really see what Baird meant when he told me that Prague had a love affair with Paris and France in general. Not only is it common to find french words on restaurants and stores around town, but their cathedral resemebled Notre Dame a  lot. AND, they have a mini Eiffel Tower called the Petrin tower.

Cathedral resembling Notre Dame. Anyone know its name?

Cathedral resembling Notre Dame. Anyone know its name?

When we were sitting outside the castle grounds, I could also see what Baird meant when he told me that Prague is called the city of 100 spires. Gothic church steeples sprinkled the horizon everywhere we looked.

After a quick nap at the hostel, we met Marissa after her class and from there, she took us to the Lennon Wall. Wikipedia nicely summarizes its story: it is a wall covered in John Lennon and Beatles inspired graffiti, and it’s really beautiful. We all wrote our own something: “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Charly, me, Marissa, Lisa & the Lennon Wall

Charly, me, Marissa, Lisa & the Lennon Wall

Another long walk took us to our dining destination: this local place that Marissa frequents which I think was called “Boca, Boca.” I had a wonderful garlic soup and an eggplant dish, and I was truly happy to be with my friends. From there, we went back to Marissa’s dorm, and fortunately, while we were there, we could skype our other Emmanuel loves, Alyssa and Allie! But, unfortunately, we didn’t make it out to enjoy any of Prague’s night life, which I must admit was a great disappointment.

Baird and I parted ways with Prague the following morning, Wednesday. I converted my leftover crowns to Euros (thank god! They confused the heck out of me and threw off my entire budjeting system!) and boarded our train to Berlin.

Prague was a truly beautiful city, but the amount of tourists was overwhelming, and I wish we could have had more time to enjoy the nightlife. At least the weather was beautiful and I had a great time seeing my friends!

Stay tuned — a Berlin update will be coming soon!


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perdu à venise berlin était cool

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  • 1. susy  |  30 April 2009 at 6:20 pm

    IMGINE PICTURE- Wish I could have been there with you guys………..

    also- I make lists in my blog too..
    Sounds like when I go to Europe, I’m goign to have 6 tour guides…! 🙂


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