perdu à venise

29 March 2009 at 9:56 am 2 comments

The title means `lost in Venice.` I figured it was important to translate.

So, if you`re still reading, I will now share how and why I found time to write these updates. Well, long, long story short, it`s pouring, and I don`t want to be outside anymore. Hence, I am in the trusty internet cafe, spening as much of my afternoon as possible.

But despite the downer opening to this post, I still must admit that Venice is wonderful… just a little hard to navigate. And there`s too much water (at least today, with the rain.) Nat and I were lucky to find our first hostel on Friday afternoon, along with this very lovely internet cafe very close nearby. We spent the afternoon exploring and we found San Marco using our trusty map and following what we called `The Yellow Brick Road` (the main tourist road that loops around Venice… it is marked in yellow on our map.) We also took a waterbus (which, by the way, is a rip off, but fun to take just once) and on the way home, we found a cute restaurant to celebrate my 21st in. Nat treated! Dinner was enjoyable (seafood pasta, bruschetta, and Chianti) and then we headed home for a seriously early night. Kind of ironic that I spent the night of my 21st birthday going to bed before 11 pm, but Nat and I were both tired, and didn`t want to spend too much more money, so I was happy with our decision.

A beautiful view from the WATERBUS

A beautiful view from the WATERBUS

St. Mark's

St. Mark's

And everyone loves a good night`s sleep! It was nice to get an early start to Saturday, but unfortunately we spent much of it being horribly lost on the confusing bus system. Our second hostel wasn`t on the main island, so we had to navigate our way to near the other train station, Mestre. Luckily, we eventually found our hotel (which was very nice!), complete with an incredibly informative conceirge who helped us get back on track. He directed us to a very cheap cafeteria for lunch (which I guess was good, because I dropped a lot of money later in the day on some souvenirs). After lunch, we opened our map and headed towards a new region of Venice, San Polo, and as you can guess, we spent a lot of time being lost, again. (My map of Venice is my new best friend.)

Nat and I ended up at a cafe on the water and enjoyed some cappucinos, and after, I purchased some great authentic paintings as souvenirs (unfortunately, after my dad today in the rain, they`ve gotten quite wet. I am hoping if and when I frame them, it will all be okay. I really hope. Because I spent a lot of money on them.)

Enjoying my cappuccino

Enjoying my cappuccino

We then got more lost, but ended up at a wonderfully authentic Italian restaurant where we had a LOT of pizza and a fun and hilarious dinner. During dinner was when it began to rain, and last night, Venice was beautiful in the rain. It reminded me a bit of when you are driving and it`s raining and you stop at a stoplight and see the blurred reflections on your windsheild. One of my favorite things, blurred lights. The lights blurred in the canals, and on the slicked cobblestone streets.

This morning, Nat left, and I took my time checking out of our hotel. I proceeded to drag my suitcase across Venice, paranoid that everything would get soaked, especially when I accidentally dragged it through a giant puddle. I later found out that pretty much everything did get soaked, so yes, pity me, please. I keep telling myself it`s just water, but that doesn`t seem to make me feel very much better. I enjoyed a nice quiet lunch by myself at a pizzaria, and spent a while of my day near the Ponte Rialto (there was shelter around there). I had hoped to meet up with my friend Janet and her mom, but it didn`t work out, so I had trekked across Venice to San Marco for no reason. San Marco, by the way, was completely flooded. It was remarkable. I couldn`t even get near it.

Venice is sinking!

Venice is sinking!

And so, that brings me to now, finally cozy in this internet cafe, and, thought I`m not sure I believe it, happy to look outsie and see it`s barely drizzling anymore. Please, please, let it stay this way!

On this note, I`m going to go outside and enjoy sometime in slick but NOT rainy Venice. I leave for Prague in 4 hours… wish me luck!


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florence, encore! un voyage à prague

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  • 1. Marissa  |  29 March 2009 at 7:35 pm

    woww, sounds like an adventure! but get ready for more adventures in prague- i get to see you tomorrow! 🙂

  • 2. Victoria  |  1 April 2009 at 7:03 am

    Bummer you got lost so much, but clearly you found yourself, so all is well!
    And now you’re in Berlin! It’s where my friend Lindsay is living this semester! The aquarium looks really fun, there’s a dinosaur-like thing right outside of it. And apparently there’s heaps of places to get crepes, too.
    *hugs* Love you kitten!


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