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29 March 2009 at 9:36 am 1 comment

Surprise! A post about spring break sooner than you expected! If youre wondering why, keep reading, and you will eventually find out. If youre also wondering why this post has no apostrophes, that is simply because I am typing this on an Italian keyboard, and they do not seem to have those here. I think I will try to avoid contractions from now on.

So, my spring break has begun! I left on Thursday afternoon, right after class, and took an 8 hour train to Florence, with a stop in Ventimiglia and a stop in Milan. I had a window seat, which made it more bearable. I also noticed that as soon as we got into Italy, the biggest difference between Italy and France along the coast is simply that Italians all paint their shutters dark green. Actually, I noticed this all over Italy.

Anyway, it was so easy once I got there, because Nat was waiting at the train station, and we headed to our adorable hostel (complete with a refrigerator and a terrace!) to drop off my stuff. Our evening was spontaneously wonderful. We hung out with these really sweet British high school boys who happened to be staying in our hostel. We headed out to find a fun place near Piazza S. Croche (which they repeatedly referred to as `Santa`s Crotch,`laughing hysterically every time). Coincidentally, we ran into two girls that Nat went to high school with, one of whom was studying in Florence and therefore knew the area. She took us to a fun scottish bar where I turned 21 and tried a handful of fun and interesting shots… my first drink as a twenty-one year old was a shot called `American Flag`… in a Scottish bar, in Italy. Now that`s not confusing. (By the way, I just recently found a key with something somewhat resembling an apostrophe. I think I am going to use that from now on.)

My 21st with an old friend and a new one!

My 21st with an old friend and a new one!

From there, we went to the same club that I had been to the last time I was in Florence: Twice. Where we ended up after that was probably the coolest, though. It was called `The Secret Bakery.` I cannot for the life of me remember where the heck it was (thank you alcohol and windy European alleyways) so I will probably never make it back there unless I `follow my nose` as they told me… but it was this really cool bakery that sells delicious FRESH pasteries at 2 am right after they bake them. But SHHH! you have to be quiet or they will chase you out with a broom! (Or so that`s the story).

What a great night, and a great way to start my birthday.

In te morning, we ran around seeing the sights and snapping pictures (Nat`s camera got stolen, we were trying to capture all of the sights again on my camera for him) and we ended up at teh leather market, where Nat bought a really cool leather jacket, and I treated myself to some great 35 euro leather boots! Happy Birthday me! Thanks G`ma and Papa… I used the birthday money you gave me towards these great boots, since G`ma, the black ones you gave me are starting to wear out. Anyway, they are perfect.

After that, we ended our morning at this adorable American diner (Nat was craving eggs). And then, a relaxing train ride on to Venice!

[Pictures will be coming when I return and have time to upload them!]


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une visite et une surprise perdu à venise

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  • 1. Alyssa  |  29 March 2009 at 8:49 pm

    How the heck did you find a traditional American breakfast in Italy?! After four months there I had to go to Barcelona for one! Glad your enjoying one of my fav places! : )


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