une visite et une surprise

25 March 2009 at 6:54 pm 1 comment

I just finished packing and preparing for spring break, and I am about to fall deeply asleep… but first, a quick update, since you all won’t be hearing from me for quite some time.

Nat came to visit last Saturday, and his visit was absolutely wonderful. After he arrived, we spent Saturday in Cannes. I showed him all around, and we ended up stumbling upon a delicious creperie on “cheap street.” It was so nice to show him all of the sights and see and hear his reactions, because the details that he noticed gave me a new appreciation for where I am living. It’s so easy to just get used to everything and stop appreciating the little things… so seeing through his point of view was refreshing.

On Sunday, we took a trip to Monaco with my friend Alli and her friend Lex who is also visiting. We missed our train by a minute, which was at first frustrating, but the weather was so wonderful that it allowed us a long walk on the beach where we could “profiter de soleil.” We still ended up having plenty of time in Monaco, and we covered pretty much the entire country. I saw many of the same things as last time, but also managed to see the “exotic gardens” (who knew cactuses were so exciting?) and a wonderful restaurant on the harbor called Le Miramar. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Monaco – it’s a great view, great food, great service, and affordable prices.

After class on Monday, we took two little trips: one to St. Raphael, which reminded me of a mini version of Cannes, and one to Antibes, which we both absolutely loved. The old town was so quintissential european and made for a wonderful and quaint afternoon and evening with a wonderful and fun friend.

Nat headed out on Tuesday to continue his travels, and since I had class this week, I had to stay behind. But, in exciting news, my theatre class finally started, which I am incredibly excited about. Since I have more availability than most of the other students in the class, I might get a big part! Stay tuned when I return from spring break for more details!

Today was another afternoon with Stépahen, my échange langue, which was very nice… another nice long walk ensued. He also agreed to help me with my lines once I get the script for the play!

And then, I had the most wonderful afternoon surprise. After meeting with Stéphane, I went to the beach to meet Craig and lay in the sun for a while. We were sitting, talking, when all of a sudden Michael and Bre popped out of nowhere with little cakes and candles and happy birthday songs and cards. They planned me a little surprise party! Having never been thrown a surprise party before in my life, I was almost brought to tears (but I was wearing sunglasses, so it was my little secret until now) by how thoughtful they were. It’s really wonderful that even though I’ve only known my friends for two months, they care about me enough to put together a truly sweet pre-birthday celebration.

So, off I go! Next time you hear from me, I will be a 21-year-old weary traveler with stories and more stories eager to be told.


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mon échange langue florence, encore!

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  • 1. Uncle John  |  28 March 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Hey Sarah,
    We know you’re away on a trip but wanted to check in and say Hi and Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate your 21st… We hope you’re having a ball! and can’t wait to see your next posting after you get back!
    Love, John, Deb & Travis


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